• The Way to Industry 4.0 is via Product Development

    Why companies should now be re-structuring their processes

  • Into a wall at 350 kmph

    Or: How do you actually test CFRP materials in a Lamborghini?

Process and product data management

Process and product data management in automobile development shapes, controls, monitors and improves developmental processes with the objective of achieving process orientation throughout. After all, this is something that becomes apparent in product quality. Furthermore, reaching ambitious milestones does not have to be accidental. Instead, it can be guaranteed with uncompromising process orientation. Not just once, but always.

We are responsible for all of the processes in the development or start-up phase that are needed for achieving project milestones. We always have one target: guaranteeing component part and vehicle release corresponding to the status both in day-to-day business and in overall development projects. Your process of product evolution provides the foundation for your actions.

Our expertise is geared to the our customers' fields of technical development : electrical/electronic engineering, body and equipment, overall vehicle, chassis and drive.

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