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Lightweight Construction

Not just better - lighter, too

Continual improvement in lightweight construction methods for vehicles is a strategically relevant subject in the automotive industry. There are more ways than one of achieving lightweight construction: it is a technologically diverse and extremely interdisciplinary development method, one with which EDAG is thoroughly familiar and, as we have a closed process chain, also one which we are ideally equipped to handle. 

The spectrum of lightweight production technologies we work with ranges from multi-material systems to energy-efficient and affordable lightweight construction methods: from racing to the premium segment; special solutions for electric mobility to classic series production.

Lightweight construction in vehicle development is picking up pace. For the first time in decades, it is possible to reverse the "weight spiral". Not only the ambitious weight targets due to apply from 2020, but also the the launch of a whole range of electric vehicles, for which it will be necessary to find ways of dealing with changes in weight distribution and load paths, are the driving forces of lightweight construction today.

At EDAG, we concentrate on every conceivable lightweight strategy for the automobile, regardless of what strategies the manufacturers and suppliers are following themselves:

  • Steel lightweight construction with innovative steel qualities and intelligent semi-finished products
  • Light metal solutions in cast metal and/or sheet construction
  • Fibre composite competencies
  • Engineering methods, joining technology, design methods
  • Strategies, concepts and prototypes for new technologies

We are convinced that there is more than one answer to lightweight automobile construction in the near future. Each material must do its utmost and bring specific benefits to the application in which it is being used. Every day, we demonstrate our expertise in our Competence Centre for Lightweight Construction, Materials and Technology. It makes no difference whether your interest is in mass products, premium or commercial vehicles: if you are looking for lightweight construction, we are the people to contact.