When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

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    EDAG Light Cocoon - possible paradigm shift for future mobility

Interconnection / Car-IT

The world at your fingertips

The increasing importance of electronics, software and networking in our day-to-day lives is also making itself felt in the world of mobility. When we talk about the Internet of Things, the interconnection of everyday objects and universal interfaces for electronics, we are no longer looking towards some kind of future vision. Vehicle IT has meanwhile attained the same significance as lightweight construction or electric mobility. One more reason for setting up a competence centre of our own to develop this area. The research and development members of our interdisciplinary team of experts at the EDAG Competence Centre for Car IT are the first people to contact if you have any questions relating to today's most important technological trend: these could include connectivity, intelligent assistance systems, charging interfaces for e-mobility, new operating concepts or autonomous driving, integration in existing architectures or completely new developments, software, hardware or apps.