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Electrics / Electronics

Whether it's driver assistance, convenience or information systems, the demands made of functions and the way they are interconnected is constantly burgeoning. Future vehicle development will not only be dominated by cutting-edge technologies that are driven by electronics and software. It will be forged by new cooperative models from all of the players in development and validation. As one of the most formidable independent experts in overall vehicle development, we know that this interconnectedness of functions, even beyond the vehicle, is one of the most important drivers of innovation.

As the quality leader with many engineers and technicians at other international branch offices, we ensure capacity and flexibility in E/E product engineering. And that's not all - we make sure that you reach or retain a competitive edge with product innovations.

As your trail-blazing development partner, we take on the responsibility in component development, system development and overall vehicle or derivative development.

Electrics / Vehicle Electrical system

Vehicle electrical system development defines how performance lines are laid and protected in the vehicle and how control units are connected. This calls for an all-encompassing comprehension of the package and overall vehicle since the laying routes and component parts extend over the entire vehicle and take on differing configurations in various vehicle models. 


With our experience in vehicle electrical system development, we not only cover these requirements. We can also draw on a profound interconnectedness with vehicle manufacturers and vehicle electrical system suppliers, primarily with our link to essential development tools for specific customers.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

  • Routing definition including fastening elements, cable protection work, cable conduits and circuit plans in all line set variations
  • Installation space checks in the vehicle
  • Validation and mass strategies
  • Vehicle electrical system development for next-generation mixed-voltage systems, using DC/DC transformers and new materials such as aluminium
  • Developing new electrical architectures
  • Release, draft and control activities in developing and integrating the physical vehicle electrical system including series production guidance

Convenience and car body electronics

The scope of electronic systems makes a quantum leap from one vehicle generation to the next. That not only affects the basic vehicle functions such as interior and exterior illumination, door, roof and bonnet controls and centralised control equipment, but also convenience functions including acoustics such as air conditioning and seating systems. 


When developing control equipment, we have the profound comprehension of current standards needed for hardware and software development. That means that we can flexibly react to customer needs. We boost the attractiveness of our customers' vehicles by launching projects such as innovative lighting technologies. Beyond this, we make an essential contribution to reducing CO2 with the development of transformer or 48V systems.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

  • Developing and validating electronic control equipment in hardware and software from the draft right down to series production readiness in conformity with the AUTOSAR standard
  • Power electronic developments for power classes to 100kW
  • Release, draft and control activities in developing and integrating convenience and electronic car body systems
  • Virtual and physical function validation on the component, system and vehicle level including test specifications, drawing up test scripts and test evaluation
  • Developing and operating measuring and testing systems
  • Test house for convenience and car body electronics

Driver assistance and safety systems

Driver assistance and safety systems boost safety and convenience during your trip while supporting the driver with a wide range of driving functions such as active parking assistance, active space regulation right down to the innovative megatrend of (partially) automated driving. Passive safety systems such airbags, pedestrian protection and retention systems make sure that the results of accidents are kept to a minimum.

It doesn't matter whether it's lidar, radar, ultrasound or camera-based for boosting safety or convenience – it is the complex functions that are centre stage. We offer you comprehensive support for keeping on top of this complexity ranging from software development through integration right down to validation of these systems.

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Infotainment and connectivity

On the one hand, infotainment systems keep drivers informed of the status of the vehicle or its environment. On the other hand, they entertain the vehicle passengers with a whole range of media Connectivity interconnects the vehicle with its environment giving it seamless integration of mobile terminals and services. This is one of the largest and most innovative growth markets in automobile development. 

The interconnectedness of functions and services in and around the vehicle is constantly boosting the complexity of requirements.  In this context, we focus on developing, integrating and validating components and systems inside and outside of the vehicle.

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Overall vehicle Electrics/Electronics

A high level of vehicle variance, personalisation, function orientation - these are keywords that call for one thing in development: interdomain thinking A polished Electrics/Electronics architecture is needed for keeping on top of the complexity of innovative customer functions.

As experts in overall vehicle development, we know from experience with national and international projects how an agenda like this can be launched when other departments pull together such as body or interior and how they can be involved in the customer's specific development processes and tools.

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