When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone.

  • Into a wall at 350 kmph.

    Or: How do you actually test CFRP materials in a Lamborghini?


EDAG - Our Culture

Brand Awareness

As the most powerful independent engineering partner to the major automobile brands in the world, we carry enormous responsibility, as our work helps to ensure that automobiles and their manufacturers have a strong impact on the market. Cars are no longer there just to be driven. The idea is that they should inspire and move people, change the world and make life easier for us.

Accordingly, our brand awareness centres not only on seeing ourselves as technical and technological development experts, but also on using human development as the driving force behind our goods, services and expertise. We want to inspire people. With better and better solutions. This is not simply idealism, it's what drives us forwards.

When we say that "improvement" is our brand essence, we mean better solutions not only for our customers, but also for the people we work with. Whether we are looking at a minor detail or a major project, if, at the end of the day, our work moves people not just technically, but also emotionally, increases their enjoyment of mobility and shows them how much this depends on keeping development moving in the right direction, then we have done our job - not just well, but better. That is the aim of our development. That's what the EDAG brand stands for. That's what we stand for.

Corporate Culture

What kind of corporate culture can be expected from the most powerful independent engineering service provider in the automotive sector? The cliché of the conventional, slightly unworldly engineer most certainly does not apply. We are different. As a company that serves a sector that is constantly re-inventing itself, we must always be right up to the minute. This means that our culture is fresh, modern and dynamic.

What unites our employees is a healthy mix of individuality and team spirit, personal responsibility and individual growth, creativity and goal orientation - all of which contrasts sharply with the conventional image of an engineer. Despite all the technology, we are still human. Human beings who work with motivation and enthusiasm on new developments and in doing so, inspire others. Who love mobility and know with absolute certainty that they are doing a socially relevant job.